My Shopping Kryptonite

So some people love shoes, hats, I've even heard of bathing weakness, however, is none of those. I realized this year, that I have a major sunglass issue. With one of my first Pink Crab pay checks, what did I buy?
Ray Ban 4099

It only continues, what did I ask for last Christmas?
Lilly Pulitzer Dawn Sunglasses
Nope, gets worse...

Michael Kors M 2611S Sunglasses
(mine are brown lenses and tortoise shell frames)

What did I spend a Christmas gift Eddie Bauer gift card on?

Suncloud Habit Sunglasses

Annnnnd what did I ask for for Christmas this guessed it!
Costa del Mar Isabella Sunglasses
And just recently picked out for Christmas (but I so-totally-don't-know-about...):

The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem...right? 

I kind of don't think this is a major problem, because I actually wear all of these. I wear my Lilly Dawn ones the most but there's always an emergency pair in my car and the Suncloud ones are polarized so they're great for football games. One time actually, I got a REALLY bad sunburn (dear Alabama, you were a great game but did nothing for my complexion that week...) and had big ole' bars across my face from squinting. Not only do I have these though, I have probably 5 or 6 pairs of the $10 sunglasses that the BP section of Nordstrom has every spring. YIKES! What's your shopping weakness?! Help a sister out so I know I'm not alone here...



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