My Next Roadtrip/Vacay: Washington, DC

(So technically it's not my "next" roadtrip, since we already went on it but, I'll bend the rules this one time!!)
Last week all the girls decided to go to DC and be super tourist-y. My mom, sister and I couldn't remember the last time that we did something like that, but we ended up having a blast! We headed to Union Station to eat lunch in the America restaurant after looking around the whole place. Grace and I decided to be REALLY touristy with Barack and Michelle:
(Politically incorrect? maybe.)
We then started our way on over to the Museum of Natural History. We looked through all the exhibits and really had an awesome time. 

Rexy? Night at the Museum...anyone? Well it was so cool. The dinosaur exhibit was one of the best.
Dear future fiancee...
The Hope diamond (sorry these few photos stink...BBerry)
For anyone that hasn't made a trip to the Natural History museum, Harry Winston and the Smithsonian together held a competition for the new setting for the hope diamond and "Embracing Hope" (the pictured setting) was the winner of the year-long competition! It's pretty tough to get a good picture of the Hope diamond itself because the light changes often and it's on a rotating pedestal...surrounded by hmm 4 guards? Wild!

After finishing up a Natural History, we headed on over to the National Gallery to see some of the paintings (quickly since our meter ran out at 4!) and I got to see this (for the second time):
The Degas ballerinas were so delicate and pretty! I loved seeing them on display. We were practically by ourselves so we weren't rushed or anything!

We had a great girls day in DC and I can't wait to go back once it's not so awfully cold!



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