My favorite Aromaleigh eyeshadow colors of 2009

When I saw this post in Miss K's blog, I knew I had to do this too :D So here are my favorite Aromaleigh eyeshadows:

Miss K listasi omat Aromaleigh-suosikkinsa ja pitihän minunkin niin tehdä :D

Hot in the City
coney island : joyous green apple luster with bright sparks of green.
concrete jungle : warmed taupe with the most amazing bright sparks of aqua.

Les papillons, I LOVE these!

Soul Takes Flight: A deep smokey grey/black frosted base with wine undertones, brilliantly offset with sparks of aqua, pink and violet (if you loved "Elegie", you'll be craving this!).
Glowing Luna:
A pigmented warm green yellow... or yellowish warm green? You choose. Sparks of copper and pink add an ethereal dimension.
Zephyr's Breeze: A brilliant warm green, rich with pearls and silver, and sparkles of yellow radiating pink flashes of light.
Morphing Moon:
My favorite teal shade to date. Smooth and faceted with rich dimension and shimmer, like the scales of a butterfly's wings.
Air & Light:
A silvery white with highlights and sparks of every shade of the rainbow. Full of delightful dimension and interference shimmer, this shade passes into the ether.
Emergent Beauty: The deepest pearlescent mauved burgundy with smoke tones, deep metallic red and sparkles of russet and aqua.

Sea of Love/ Valentine : Deep, richest pearlized teal with deep pewter tones and glints of silver.
Elegie/ En Pointe: A dark dose of shimmering jewels. Add to other shades to deepen and dramatize, use wet-lined or all-over for a magnificent, glimmering smokey eye.
In Orbit/ Retro HiFi matte: wicked chartreuse green
Moth/ L'Orchidee: Pale and delicate iridescent tones appear softly grey, always changing.
Cricket/ L'Orchidee: Vivid yellow green with bright sparks of iridescent green.

And my favorite collection *LOVE* Spring Solstice! I have tried only a few colors yet so I had put all these here :D Only 2 colors are missing from this pic, Nasturtium and Chicory.

My favories so far (and this list is growing FAST): Trillium, May Lily, Godetia.

Ja viimeisenä suosikkikokoelmani Spring Solstice :D Vasta muutamaa olen testannut, joten laitoin kuvaan varoksi kaikki muut paitsi Chicoryn ja Nasturtiumin.


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