Lilly Does PFG?

This one goes out to all my Southern ladies. We all know what a good PFG looks like:
They're so popular down here just to be worn on a daily basis. I can usually pass a few boys a day wearing these with Stand Up Shorts (anyone else...?) and it's pretty typical. They've even come out with school ones and they sell Gamecock ones in our bookstore (#Southern). I'm a fan of the PFG shirt and I think they generally look nice, especially the white ones. Speaking of white ones, when I went home for Thanksgiving, we went to go pick up our mid and literally the first person I see on the Navy campus wasn't in uniform, wasn't dressed up, but was in a white short-sleeve PFG and a Gamecock not surprised!!

Anyway, on my Christmas list is the Lilly "version" of the PFG. I use that term "version" very lightly, but the shirts are very similar! The Lilly "Eliot" shirt is one of my favorites from the last few collections and I've spotted a few on sale and the Eliot made it onto my list:

I love the two pockets and adjustable sleeves! It's got a relaxed, breezy, easy fit that makes it very similar to the PFG, but it has fab prints and a more feminine shape which makes it especially Lilly! I love the Eliot, what about you?

Fun little fact: Alpha Delta Pi here at USC (I think) recently had a function and their t-shirt used the PFG triangle logo and it might be one of my fave sorority function shirts I've ever seen! Whoever their t-shirt chair is did a great job with that design!



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