LBP a Capella

Last night I was lucky enough to be one of 300 in a standing-room only concert by SoundCheck (SC...get it...?) one of USC's a capella groups. They're the all male group and it was SO much fun!! One of the singers is an ambassador with us, so a few other ambassadors went to go support him PLUS I'd never been to an a capella show. I've seen the groups do a few exhibition type performances, but this was great! We were all grinning ear to ear and my friend and I were straight up giddy watching these guys! They were too much fun and totally hammed it up which we appreciated! Here are some of their FABulous YouTube videos:

If anyone saw my tweets from last night, they even did an Antoine Dodson "remix" that everyone was lovin'! Here's a shoutout to USC reader Sneha (you really made my night so you get a special shoutout!) and her BF, he's the one singing "Stand by Me" in that vid. We had a great time and I'm sure everyone else there did too!


PS: I am so happy no-shave November is OVER! YAY!


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