Independence day & the winners are...

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! Alla muutamia suomalaisia perinteitä/suosikkejani, en niitä sen enempää käännä :) Lopussa arvonnan voittajat! Seuraava (isompi) arvonta tulee viim. keväällä, ehkä Hong Kongin reissun jälkeen.

6th of December is a inportant day here in Finland: it's our independence day, 92nd this year! It is traditional for many Finnish families to light two candles in each window of their home in the evening. See here our candles:

Another tradition is that our president is having a huge ball in President's Castle :) Here is picture our president, mrs. Tarja Halonen, & her husband:

Picture is from here.
Funny thing is that our summer house is quite close to president's summer castle and I've seen president's husband jogging there, with handsome bodyguards of course :D

I also want to show a few Finnish thing I especially like:


If you like finnish rock/metal music, one interesting new band is called Doom Unit!

Kalevala Jewellery:

Picture is from here.
I'd love to buy this beautiful one called Pohjantähti (Northern Star) but it's available only in gold or white gold... And the price is around 2500€. But usually they have also bronze and silver versions, those are not that expensive :D

Lumene cosmetics:

Picture is from here.
My favorites from Lumene are for example lipgloss, Excellenght mascara, nailpolishes...

Marimekko fabrics & clothes:

picture is from

And of course Nokia Mobile phones:

Picture is from here.

I had to use white & blue in my EOTD today, of course:

-Detrivore primer (& Fyrinane Pixie epoxy on lower lash line)
-Stardust Cosmetics Wings (lid)
-Stardust Cosmetics Lady of the Lake (crease, lower lash line)
-black gel liner (MAC)
-Lash Stiletto wp

And this day is also perfect for my blog's giveaway :D

1st prize: BeautyBabe
2nd prize: MermaidBird
3rd prize: Nooru


Next (bigger) blog giveaway will be in spring, maybe after I've visited Hong Kong or in May to celebrate my 3... 25th birthday ;)


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