Fun-ctional Shorts!

These shorts from Liquid Flow are awesome, if I was a guy, I'd be all about these. (Although totally wrong timing since it's winter...) We got my dad a pair a few years ago for Christmas and I was browsing some vacation photos and decided to pursue where they were from.
We got my dad the orange shorts with the blue crabs from a place back at home. He tends to bring them on vacay and I'm a big fan. What's cool about these shorts though, is that they're quick drying...yes drying. Meaning, you can wear them in the water!!

If you still need a Christmas gift, they have free shipping through the holidays! Plot spoiler: the spring prints are AWESOME and I've heard that ditty from someone on the inside (haha!) so keep your eyes peeled for spring break, vacations or spring birthdays! The new prints will be out in a month!

I love all the different combos in the photo above. They all would look great with a white polo and boat shoes or even just a t-shirt. They're such breezy shorts that you can't help but think  you're on vacation. Speaking of vacation (or mini vacation) I'm totally keeping my fingers crossed that Jimmy Buffet makes another appearance here at USC once he announces his tour dates!!



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