Day Trip to Charleston: Major Success

So everyone knows that I was interviewing up in Charleston from when I asked for food recommendations! We had a WONDERFUL day on the coast and I absolutely cannot wait to return once it gets warmer!! This was my OOTD:

We left Columbia about 10:00 am and drove, rocking out to some pump-up tune-age. It took us (and I say us because my friend Aly and I went together...I needed a little moral support for the 4 hours of driving time) 2 hours to get there--such an easy drive! We found a parking spot right on King Street (how lucky were we?) right by an heirloom jewelry store. I managed to parallel park, thank you Annapolis' skinny streets built circa 1700. We walked around looking for a place to eat breakfast/lunch and finally settled on King Street Grill:
It was DELISH, but we sat right by the door and were chilly! I kept my coat on for a little while. The menu was pretty big and you could certainly satisfy most palates. 

We left lunch around 1:45, drove to Daniel Island and arrived to the interview destination around 2:20. I was a total geek and wanted to get there plenty early (my interview wasn't until 3:00) and I went inside and checked in at 2:30. Within a few minutes I was interviewed and done and I was out by 3:15!

We headed back to Charleston (King Street) after the interview and were parked and ready to get our shop on by 4:00! We shopped until about 6, when most of the stores closed and went to seek out a place to grab some DELISH dinner. We hit all kinds of stores! We popped into Palm Avenue, M Dumas, Oops!, the Finicky Filly, and a few others! (Sorry these pictures STINK, they're all from my BlackBerry!)
Palm Avenue was one of the prettiest Lilly stores I've ever been in, and I've been in my fair share. Everything was so meticulously organized and the Minnies section was massive! They had a great sale rack and the sales associates were darlings.

If only I was a boy...

(how cute are these!? Williams & Sonoma for the win!)
Aly snagged these unbelievable shoes!!!!
This coat was TOO much fun not to snap a photo of! If only I could remember where it was
You probably can't even see this picture because it's so grainy, but we were on the corner of King and Queen! SO CUTE!

After checking Christmas gifts off for everyone on my list, Aly and I headed to dinner right around 6. Places were EMPTY around then and the entire staff of Bocci's (an Italian restaurant) hopped-to when we walked in.
The food was great and our waiter was too sweet! I'd definitely recommend this place to grab something delish and super affordable to eat!

All in all the day was SUPER SUCCESSFUL! I can't wait to go back as soon as I possibly can!!!


P.S. In the words of Eloise, Merry Christmas EVE EVE!


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