Christmas Card Time

So this is the Christmas card we decided on! This is my B-E-A-U-tiful sister and I and the photo we liked the best..."Mom pick 23 NOT 16". We took this out on our back porch with the goofy nautical flags that surround the screened in porch. We actually took this on Thanksgiving day and I wore the fabulous dress that the wonderful ladies at Pink Sorbet helped me pick out! I loved it and can't wait to wear it again! 

I also wore leggings for the first time! They were super comfy, but I'm VERY far away from ever wearing them as just "pants". I wore them more as tights under my dress, but they were super cozy nonetheless. That night we went to go see HP7 which was quite enjoyable. The last time we saw a movie, like all 4 of us was Toy Story 3 so we were a little overdue. We all seemed to like it although now I'm yearning for the next one--which is the goal of the producers and actors and everyone I'm sure.



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