Buffy Likes Pretty Things- CMZ Art

Buffy is wearing my new necklace. A pendant of original art by Charlene Murray Zatloukal. I found her store by randomly browsing Etsy (a dangerous, dangerous place), not looking for anything in particular. Something in the melancholy quality of her work has caught my eye and heart, and this pendant was just perfect. It's not too rustic or crunchy while still looking decidedly handmade and special. I wore it today (before Buffy got her paws on it) and was asked about it twice in 20 minutes, so it definitely stands out.

Her creations, both jewelry and paintings can be found in her own Etsy store (mostly art, currently there's an interesting charm/cameo pendant in red, $18.75) and in her family store, Pendants Plus. Her personal blog is here.


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