Best T-Shirt

I'm a big fan of any t-shirt that steps up t-shirt game. I like pocket t's, super soft t's, and pretty much any t-shirt that wasn't a free giveaway or part of high school or part of a sports team. There was a time and a place for those, and they can stay where they belong. Take old (but highly loved t's) and make an awesome t-shirt quilt like this one (any Theta alums out there...):
I recently picked up an awesome t-shirt (the amount of times I've mistyped "t-shirt" with an expletive is ridiculous) from a great store here in Columbia called Britton's of Columbia:
This is the back! how great is it? Palmetto + doesn't get much better than that until you see the front:
It's a pocket t-shirt!

I love this t-shirt like I said, because it really steps up the game for most t-shirts! Got any especially cool ones? Anyone got a cool personalized one like Vineyard Vines did for Britton's??



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