Advice Needed: Hair How-To Help

Say that five times fast! So I found a set of Remington Hot Rollers in my house and tried using them for Christmas Eve but got so frustrated and sick of YouTube videos that I quit. I have this set:
Half are big ones and half are smaller ones and I just could NOT master them. I should have practiced a few times before thinking I could just get it! 

Anyway, my goal out there is to learn how to use them properly!! Anyone have any tricks? The look I'm going for is mostly volume and curl at the bottom of my hair. Think little curls right along the bottom of my hair to change-up straight hair. How do you also not get the crimp from the little holder? I have extremely thick hair also, so is it just silly for me to even try these? Next time should I just try velcro rollers instead? (That will also require multiple tutorials...)

If there's anyone out there who can console me/train me on hot rollers let me know!! I'd very much appreciate it!!



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