A Special Thanks to You, RAZ

So, I've never done a big reflective post, and some of you know how I started writing, but I owe it all to one very influential teacher in high school. He had us start a blog (because we were learning how print journalism is slowly fading out) with a topic that we could "write 10 posts about". If you remember and reach back into your memories of over a year ago, LBP used to be called "Preps Rock it with our Collars Popped"...too wordy to say the least, but I still blogged about basically the same thing. We were graded on the content, paragraphs, etc, etc, and this is where I started. I took a hiatus for the rest of sophomore and junior year pretty much, sorta picked it up senior year and started writing a lot second semester of senior year (essentially the LBP short history). My teacher was also a coach of mine, taught a few of my English and Journalism classes, was my advisor when I was the co-editor of our school newspaper, and played a large role in why high school was as special as it was for me. Many years ago his wife died of breast cancer and he's done a lot of work with research and treatment. Earlier this week he unveiled an iPod, iPhone, and iPad App called "Breast Cancer Treatment News".
There are a few reviews out there already and I wanted to do a bit of a throwback post to my old Journalism elective class. A special thanks goes to Caroline R. for helping me out and showing me this great app and a great opportunity to give my roots a real shoutout! 

Here's one for you RAZ,  LBP wouldn't be here without you--really! Now go enjoy a nice Pepsi-Cola and celebrate!



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