5 for 500 Giveaway Week: Day 2

So the best boss ever, Crystal, over at Lifeguard Press agreed to be part of this string of giveaways! We decided to host a few different school type things (because really who can't use school supplies? Who DOESN'T enjoy school supply shopping? What else is the beginning of the semester for?!) and so that's today's big giveaway! The items will be from the Classic Collection which is super fun because that is in very limited stock!! The prints and items themselves will be a surprise (yay!) but you know that Lifeguard Press means business, so what you'll get will be awesome!!

I am so excited to be hosting this with LP, so comment for 1 entry and follow them @lifeguardpress on Twitter! Tweet me @letsbepreppy or leave a comment with all your entries!! Good luck!

Winners announced on the 18th so enter by then!!



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