What I'm Thankful For

There is so much to be thankful for in my life. Here's just a small snippet of my list:

1. My little family (EKS this includes you too but you're not in any of our "traditional" fam photos):
2. My big family (with all of our new additions!):
3. The best readers anyone could ever have:
4. Two crazy roommates who put up with me (one of these things is not like the others...):
5. Big wins that make us one of the best schools to EVER ATTEND:
6. Country music that helps me fall asleep:
7. The best place to work in the world (plus sCe, Miss Skyler obvi):
8. BBM so my I can send HUGE texts to my sister telling her about my big-college-girl-problems:
9. Diet coke to get me through Accounting 225 and Philosophy 110...the banes of my existence:
10. And last but certainly not least a little obsession I call LBP.



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