The Greatest Loves Of All (for now)

Fragrance enthusiast (AKA "crazy perfume-people") tend to have certain common habits and quirks. We go through similar phases in our scent journey and we make personal discoveries. An experience that many, especially those of us with large collections, seem to share is the "Why do I even bother wearing anything else?" moments we feel when wearing a much-beloved perfume after not visiting it in a while.

Only it's not just that one bottle. We tend to have several Big Loves that never fail, never disappoint and wearing them always feels like coming home. They bring out the best in us.

Here's my short list:

1. L'Air du Desert Marocain- Tauer Perfumes. My holiest of grails.
2. Shalimar (parfum) and Shalimar Light- Guerlain (yes, a heresy to put them together. I don't care).
3. Revelation- CB I Hate Perfume. I am a fig tree.
4. Douce Amere, Muscs Koublai Khan, Ambre Sultan, Cuir Mauresque- Serge Lutens. I'm cheating here, as these are my current Serge obsessions. While I couldn't pick just one, they can change and vary.
5. Organza Indecence- Givenchy. The most elusive (purchase-wise) and least floral from this house.
6. Black Orchid- Tom Ford. Yes, seriously. A gourmand gardenia, and it loves me like no other.
7. Sage Machado- Onyx (perfume oil). It's thick, it's sweet and it works.
8. Lei- Mazzolari. Who's the powderiest of them all?
9. Musc Ravageur- Frederic Malle. No surprises here.
10. Onda- Vero Profumo. No list of mine can be complete without this one. She only comes out at night...
11. Jil Sander no. 4 (especially the parfum)- Apparently, I'm Alexis Carrington.
12. Regina Harris- Amber Vanilla. Variation on a favorite theme.

What are your "why do I bother with anything else" perfumes?

Image: Heather Murray Art. Chosen simply because of the adorableness factor. It was either this or a fluffy bunny.


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