The Cranky Shopper Returneth

I couldn't help it. My curiosity got the better of me and I found myself in front of the Yves Saint Laurent counter at Bloomingdale's looking for the black gloss. I had to see it for myself and try it on. But the first obstacle in my way was the deserted counter. No SA was to be found. Left to my own devices I started playing with the YSL HolidaySet: The Bow Collection and was quite impressed. I liked just about everything they had there, especially the four color eye shadow palette: rich pigments, the softest texture and just perfect colors. I decided to get it and probably also the Golden Burgundy gloss.

But where was the sales assistant?

A lady from the Guerlain counter was efficient enough to go and locate the YSL guy, who was deep in conversation somewhere around the Dior area. He wasn't happy about being disturbed. I asked about the black gloss. Sure, he said, producing a golden box from a drawer, but we don't have a tester and I can't open one.

Seriously? Am I supposed to blind buy a black lip gloss without actually seeing it in action?

The guy shrugged. We don't have a tester yet.

Do you sell many of these without a tester? Do you know how it's supposed to look?

Another bored shrug.

No "hopefully we'll get a tester next week/after the holiday/when Santa comes". No "leave me your number and I'll call as soon as we have one". No "Can I show you the Holiday Collection?". He was eager to get back to his conversation.

Guess who didn't get my business?

That's why they invented online shopping. There aren't any testers, but also no attitude.


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