Rewrite Your Script.....

One of the things I love most about December - and there are many to choose from since Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday - is all the January magazines that appear on the newsstands in early December filled with stories, tips and features on how to change, work on and improve all the different areas of your life.

I don't mean the "how to lose 20lbs in a 2 weeks" kind of articles.....rather it's the "trying new adventures" kind of features.....the this-time-last-year-I-was-working-60-hours-a-week-as-an-accountant-and-now-I-live-on-a-Scottish-island-and-run-my-own-business-making-angora-sweaters-from-my-own-herd-of-goats kind of articles.
It is in my Taurean nature to stick to what I know and I can sometimes be slow to change....but on the other hand, I love to try new things and, more importantly, I love thinking of new things to try.....give me 10 seconds and I can tell you 10 places that I would love to visit and 10 things I would love to do.....I find it exciting just thinking of all the opportunities out there and inspiring to think of things I haven't yet done. I love reading about people who had a total life change or a career change or gone to live in another country......ambition and change excites me rather than scares me.

One of my favourite monthly reads, "Red" magazine, published a feature in their December issue entitled "Why It's Not To Late To Rescript Your Life" was a thought provoking article which stayed with me long after I had finished reading it.
The basis of it was that if we can to recognise what our internal script is, discover the core beliefs that we have about ourselves -and the labels that we give ourselves and the thoughts and behaviours that we repeat (whether we want to or not).....then we can look beyond to what we would like to be doing (if we are not already doing it)....and by challenging it and editing it, we can change it.....we can rewrite it. It makes perfect sense of course when you read it and when someone else says it....but putting it into practice with regard to your own everyday life takes a little more effort.

I can't honestly say that it has held me back in life, but I do know that I have always told myself that I didn't have a creative bone in my body. I also wished that I had a clearer personal style and that I was a better writer. I am a confident person but I have always felt pretty certain what I was good at - and at what I wasn't.

Even starting something as simple as my own blog has made me realise that actually these things I have continually told myself are not in fact so.....whilst I am no literary genius, I have learned that I can express myself through my writing....I LOVE sourcing photos and images for my blog - it makes me feel creative and it has also given me a greater idea of my own personal style....BINGO!!
It has been such a positive life change for me, even more so since I never expected so much to come of it....and just doing it has, I believe, taken me one step closer to doing other new things. I have always felt that I have not yet found my true passion in life -not in a career sense anyway....and in some ways blogging has created a new road for exciting is that!? It has definitely made me question and ask myself what else can I do that I didn't think I could? Interestingly, my blog also started out as one thing and has definitely evolved into something that I absolutely love - but it certainly wasn't what I envisaged when I started it.
This week I plan to do one new thing every day as a further step along my path to make a few adjustments to my script....I will keep you posted :) I have a feeling that my blog is the first step in a new journey for me....destination still unknown!!

"Whether you think you can...Or you think you can't. You're right....."


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