My Very Own Crossbody (and a Surprise OOTD!)

Well lovely ladies (and gents) I finally did it! I bought a crossbody and I love it! I got mine from Target:
It's fabulous and I encourage all of you to go out and get one! It was $15.00 and SO worth it! It's roomy (so roomy I thought I actually lost my camera) and has safe pockets for money, ID's, CarolinaCards (or your university's version) and you can be hands free--that's by far the best part in my opinion.

I wore mine to our football game too and that was great! I didn't have to put my yucky Longchamp on the ground, but instead could just wear this one and not have to worry about it!

This is actually my favorite gameday outfit I've ever worn! It was a little too hot for my choices (a sweater and tights) but I was getting ready at like 9am and around then it was still chilly. I'd totally wear this outfit again for a holiday party or something festive like that. I LOVE this H&M dress and actually only wore it for the first time ever at the game but I got it last year for a Pink Crab Christmas party that was a lot more casual than I thought. 

Anyway, I love this bag and I think everyone should go out and buy one of their own!



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