Hair Do

About two weeks back, I got an email asking me how I do my hair. I don't use much, but here are the fab products that I do use!
Bed Head Rock Star Hair Dryer
I love this dryer! I got it before I went to college at Target for like $37 and it's great! I use it with the funnel-like attachment and it works great. There are three speed settings and two temperature settings with a third cold air option. It also tells you when it's overheating or when there's hair stuck in the nozzle.
Remington T-Studio Wide Plate Ceramic Straightener
I really like Remington products. I've had many different straighteners and I think this one is the best. I have super-duper thick hair, so I can't use those small thin straighteners. I've used the wet-to-straight straighteners and I DO NOT advise using those at all. They made my hair feel like straw and VERY gross.
Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo and Conditioner
This makes my hair so shiny I would totally advise using it. It's also pink which coincidentally matches the rest of my bathroom, but I would definitely recommend it. It keeps my hair healthy and in great condition!

I don't use any other "products" other than hairspray every so often if I'm wearing a real hair-do, so I mostly stick to these ones! What do you use? Have any good options?



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