Aromaleigh En Pointe permanent colors & swatches

Now part of Aromaleigh's en Pointe collection is made permanent! Here are my swatches:

Nyt tosiaan osa Aromaleighin en Pointe kokoelmasta on pysyvässä kokoelmassa! Ja swatchit seuraavat:

Arabesque: A refined bluish green with highlight shimmers of green and gold. Multi-facted and rich frost. (Frost) This is SO "me", I love this one!

Odile: A deep and mysterious smooth, lush mauve sheen with iridescent shine of green and blue and earthy undertones. (Smooth frost)

Dulcinea: Rich warm purple plush matte base with unexpected smooth green iridescent highlight. (Sheen)

Serenade: A color inspired by my favorite ballet. Beautiful smooth teal plush matte base with a lush violet iridescent highlight. (Sheen)

Aurora: A pinky-beige plush matte base scattered with tiny shimmers of blue and pink. Fit for a princess. (Sheen, slight shimmer)

Calliope: As lovely as the muse herself, this is a go-to color. A soft plush matte base beholds softly shimmering beige and lilac tones. (Sheen, slight shimmer)

Waltz: A soft pale green plush matte base with a mysterious blue-green highlight tone. Use wet or over base for more drama! (Sheen, slight shimmer)

Coppelia: A lovely berried plum plush matte base with a dimensional smooth violet highlight. (Sheen)

Myrtha: The rich deep blue green of night with an earthy base. Gorgeous dramatic blue-green highlight shimmer. Apply went for high drama, dry for softer effect. Plush matte base with sheen highlight.

Elegie: A dark dose of shimmering jewels. Add to other shades to deepen and dramatize, use wet-lined or all-over for a magnificent, glimmering smokey eye. OMG, now wonder so many love this color!

Piqué: A lovely mauved purply brown with light-changing lustre, travels from purply-blue to blue-green. (Sheen) I just didn't read the description well enough, I never like color with blue sheen, never. LOL Unfortunately the blue sheen doesn't show in this picture.

Sylph: Add a touch of shimmering tiara glamour to any shade to add sparkly and shine... brilliant sparkling jewels in a white plush matte base. Pure sparkle, gorgeous!

And colors I didn't order:

Clara: Festive warm purple with a twist... an unexpected smokey base and a sweet blue and pink traveling iridescent highlight. (Frost)

Tutu: Soft pink violet plush matte base with an effervescent golden copper highlight. (Sheen)

EOTD with Arabesque (lid, lower lash line), Elegie (crease) & Sylph (tear duct). These three colors are my favorites, no doubt :D

Ja meikki näillä kaunokaisilla :D Arabesque (luomella, alarajauksena), Elegie (luomivaossa) & Sylph (sisänurkassa). Ehdottomat suosikkini tästä kokoelmasta!


Some other swatches too, first Gothic Lolita Creampuff lipcolor:

Ja hieman lisää swatcheja, ensin Creampuff huulipuna:

Cakewalk loks too dark in the picture, it's my favorite everyday lipcolor! Creampuff is maybe a bit too light for me.

Cakewalk näyttää kuvassa liian tummalta, on ehdoton suosikkini! Creampuff taitaa olla hieman liian vaalea minulle, täytyy laittaa varovasti/vähän.


And here is Gothic Lolita blush swatch:

Ja Lolita poskipunista parempi kuva:

Have you tried en pointe pigments yet? Favorites? :D


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