A Dog?

So the last few days, I've really wanted a little buddy to hang out with while I do my homework and watch (the very little amount of) TV with me. Weird thing though, I've never been a dog kind of girl. I'm afraid of big dogs and I've just never really been a fan of them. So this feeling is so bizarre. But I can't help but just want a little pet to love me. I really want a West Highland White Terrier. How can you not just love this little face?
I'm absolutely sure anyone who knows me is probably like WHO ARE YOU, but I'm just smitten with this little guy!

I know next to nothing about pets, but I just can't help but want to look at more cute little photos of them!!
I'm thinking this one's like a model!

Anyone own one of these lovebugs? I'm sure they're just as cute as they look!!



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