You would think a story about satin sheets would be a lot racier, wouldn't you?

I mentioned the other day in my Benefit Thinny Thin Chin review that I am having a problem with lines on my chest caused by sleeping on my side.  What I didn't tell you at the time was that this same sleeping habit was also causing a great big line on my face running diagonally from beside my nose all the way down to my chin, needless to say this did not make me happy.  Sure it would eventually disappear but as I get older and less elastic, it was going to cause a permanent crease.  The solution - a satin pillow case.  Now I'm sure I had read about doing this previously but never put much thought into it.  I'm here to tell you that it works!  My former pillowcase came with the sheet set which I'm sure has a thread count on par with those of a Carmelite nun - and of course being a non-slippery material, pulls at your skin.  The satin case, magic!  No pulling or tugging when you move during the night.  Added bonus, as I obviously must thrash around in my sleep (amazing the husband doesn't have more bodily damage) my super fine hair would wake up with a tangled, rat's nest at the back.  With the satin, not so much!  The only tricky part was actually finding some - I actually ended up buying them on e-bay as none of the bedding stores seemed to carry them and I am loath to enter the kind of smutty establishment that Christelle frequents that would likely carry them.  I wonder if satin sheets would help the chest lines?  Of course with my natural grace I would end sliding right off the bed onto the floor every night...

- Lisamarie -


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