Whalegate Tour!

Thanks to the Tasteful Tailgate, I was able to check out Vineyard Vines' Whalegate Tour!

VV will be in Columbia for the Carolina-Clemson game! I am so excited since I'll be coming back for the game (officially) early from Thanksgiving break. There are two events that will be going on at USC and I can't wait since I'll be back for BOTH! I can't wait to see the patchwork SUV again like at Carolina Cup:
This is one of my FAVE pictures from Cup and how great is that SUV? The VV tent was one of the first places we were able to check out and we loaded up on Vineyard Vines swag!

You can check out the rest of the tour here!

Did they make it to your school? Is yours on the list? I sure do just hope they're cheering GO GAMECOCKS!



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