Throw Some Glitter, Make It Rain

In the words of one of my favorite pump-up artists, Ke$ha, "Throw some glitter make it rain..."! I was just shopping yesterday at home and I was making the rounds to the usual places. One of my favorite places to raid is our local Ulta. Ulta has great sales and freebies for most popular products. Just yesterday I qualified for a free OPI topcoat or basecoat AND a freebie from Bare Escentuals. Ulta is also great because it's one-stop shopping. I made my way over to the Ulta brand cosmetics counter to check out what they had and it was full of bogo's. I opted for a 2/$6 for items that were usually $6 so it was basically buy one get one free. I picked up this nail color:

It is a $6 alternative to one of my most lusted after colors out there, Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippman of Lippman Collection:
I just can't really bring myself to spend nearly $20 on nail polish...ok it's actually $18, but I digress. I was so excited to have come upon this other color that seems to be very similar! One of the big differences in the Lippman Collection color, atypical of other glitter polishes is it's very large pieces of glitter. Pinata-Yada-Yada has those exact same ones! There were a BUNCH of the bottles just like the one I snatched up (probably 9-10 left after mine) but it's not listed on the website so run to your Ulta to see if it's there!!!

I know it's not always the classiest, but glitter is SUCH a guilty pleasure of mine...if only you could see my toe right now!! 



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