This is in My Top 5 Lilly Prints Ever

The Multi Jubliee Patch is quite possibly one of my favorite Lilly prints ever. On the Lilly website it says: This is the largest patch pattern we've ever done. The idea just popped into our heads after, well, after looking at a Lilly wrap skirt in 8" patch from 1968. The washed down fabric with soft, faded colors "sews" the whole Lilly spirit together.

It's actually the cover on my laptop still:
I haven't gotten sick of it at all I think because there are so many colors. I'm seeing more and more of this print pop up different places:
If you're a boy and wear a 36 or 42, or any size between 30-42 I have two places online that these shorts are available! Click the numbers to find them!

Saw these on eBay! I wish I knew someone who'd wear them, they're so much fun for any guy who's a 38R! They're also online here! I have a pair of Lilly pants from many years back (circa 8th grade...) that I still wear. It was the same year as Elefrance because that print's on my pants as well as Bon Bon!
If that doesn't say Carolina Cup, I don't know what does. Now I don't condone wearing the pants and Charles Blazer together, but what a piece this would be to have in your man's closet. 

Don't you just love this print too! I wish I could get my hands on even more of it!!!



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