The Route to Happiness....

6 Daily Happiness Exercises

1. Look On The Bright Side....blogger Leah Dieterich's mother told her to always write thank-you notes.... here

2. Meet A Friend For at the end of the day and chances are you will vent about what has got you down that day. Meet first thing in the morning and you are much more likely to feel positive.

3. Introduce the Week-end "Rule of Three"....plan too much and you'll feel frustrated at not accomplishing it all. Instead just focus on three things - a run, an art gallery visit, a yoga session - and that will still make your week-end feel full but also allow for some down-time too.

4. Joy Jolts....ask a friend of partner to think of the things that make you truly happy. Often others are better spotting them than you.

5. Identify Your Three Happiest Friends....happiness tends to be contagious, so connect and spend more
time with those who spread it and make you feel better.

6. Set An Emotion Alarm...."Mappiness" is the name of an experiment being carried out at the London School of Economics where people not their feelings and activities at random points during the day. Do the same by setting a random alarm on your computer or phone and after a month, look back at the entries to find feel-good and feel-bad patterns.
(Information courtesy of Red Magazine 2011)

Ten Things That Work For Me....

1. Listening to music AND singing along very loudly
2. Getting back under the of these days I am going to have a Duvet Day
3. Coffee, warm cinnamon bread & a friend (did this today :))
4. A hug
5. Clearing out a cupboard or a drawer
6. new bliss
7. Reading for 20 mins
8. Stopping everything and watching "Tom & Jerry" with my son
9. Going to the cinema
10. A glossy magazine and a large mug of tea


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