The Mini Clip

I am a clip girl. Part is growing up in the 90's, part is me hating having hair in my face. Either way you juice it, I'm a clip girl. 

I use two sizes of clips. These are the mini Mini Clip. I take the front part of my hair (parted on the right side--my Momma always taught me a middle part points straight to your nose) and pick up the left side with all the hair and pin it back.

I have SUPER thick hair, and I can never use bobby pins. I always liked Lauren Conrad's X-pinned hair but 2 pins was NEVER enough for my luscious locks, so I use these clips.

This photo is from our intern shoot for Bayside Bride but it's one of the clearest ones of how I tend to do my hair. As you can see, my very far side part with the side with all the hair pinned up with the clip. I don't use any products or anything to secure it further, and it usually stays for a few hours. If there is a lot of hair flipping or absent-minded hair fixing, I'll have to readjust the clip but usually it's decent.

Do you have a go-to hair do? Do share! Any good ideas for a girl who can't use bobbys?



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