Tailgates and Tanlines: Luke Bryan Concert!

Last night was the UNREAL Luke Bryan concert! Never in my life have I been to such a good concert! He was GREAT live. You know how sometimes the artist doesn't sound as good live? Well, there was almost no difference except the different live changeups they made in the songs (read: all the mashups he did including but not limited to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Vanilla Ice.)

We had SUCH a great time at this concert!
Colleen and I went together and got there VERY early. The people watching was a lot of fun and we got great spots. There was no sitting (the "venue" was a parking lot) so we wanted to make sure that we got good spots! I wore my Finn Shift in Navy that I got during the online Lilly sale with my Frye cowboy boots. Cowboy boots (or as I called them for all the men wearing them, Cowmen boots) were certainly the shoe of choice for everyone! I wore my navy Fornash clover earrings with the dress too!
One of my favorite moments was the Clemson/USC dance battle that Luke Bryan hosted on stage! He really did his homework for our college town cracking jokes about Stephen Garcia, the USC/Clemson rivalry, and congratulating us on our win yesterday. HUGE props to him for being invested in our little college town! We were instantly won over with all the Gamecock stuff he added into his songs like "Carolina girl shake it for me!" and adding in "Carolina" almost every time one of his songs says "Georgia" instead. 

OH BOY, Luke Bryan was a DRRRRREAMBOAT. We were swooning with that million-dollar smile and dance moves all night long! We joked that he must have been a dancer in a former life, he was so smooth!!! We had a GREAT time and I will happily attend another Luke Bryan concert in the future!



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