Summer Book Reads & Reviews....

Back here I shared my "Summer Reading List".
I went on holiday in August and read 14 books in 21 days....sheer bliss!

I saw someone recently that they didn't dip into books, they dived into them....and I knew just what they meant, I am exactly the same.

I find it really hard not to finish a book and only ever read one book at a time, I never have more than one on the go.
I love most books that I read, each one is a different experience and I always feel I get something out of it.
I wanted to follow up on the books that I have read over the summer so here one sentence reviews :)

"The Slap" Christos Tsiolkas
I heard somewhere this was the "definitive Australian novel"(any thoughts on that from my Australian readers?)'s a great book group novel, everyone is going to have an opinion on it, easy to relate to, about a group of friends and an incident which affects all their lives - I loved it.

"One Moment, One Morning" Sarah Rayner
Set in England, the main characters are three very likeable females who are connected by one single event....a very enjoyable and easy read.

"What is the What" Dave Eggers
Truly an incredible read, a true story of "The Lost Boys" who somehow walked across Ethiopia and Sudan before some of them eventually ended up in the US....a humbling and moving account of life as a refugee, this stayed with me a long time after I had finished reading it, this book was an experience.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" John Berendt
A hugely entertaining book, great characters and so visual that I made me long to visit Savannah (the setting for the novel) of those books where you feel you have entered a whole new world.

"When God Was A Rabbit" Sarah Winman
This was also the most recent read for my book group, I enjoyed it but not everyone original and unusual story, what spoke to me most was the sibling connection between the main character and her brother.

"Sarah's Key" Tatiana de Rosnay
I finished this on the beach in France and cried at the end of's a fascinating story of a true event and the book alternates between two stories, one set 60 years ago and one in the present day, set in Paris....a really moving read, I loved it.

"To My Best Friends" Sam Baker
Chick lit but good chick lit...a fun and easy read.

"Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim" David Sedaris
Brilliantly funny, this is the second book by the author that I have read, so good that it made me snort with laughter. In public ;)

"This Perfect World" Suzanne Bugler
Recommended to me by lots of friends and I wasn't disappointed....I couldn't put this book down.....a must-read for anyone who is a school mum!!

"Paris Was Ours" Jennifer Rowlands
A collection of stories from writers who have lived in Paris....beautifully and honestly written accounts of living in a city that so many yearn for but even after many years living in it, it still doesn't feel like home, a great read!

"The Hand That First Held Mine" Maggie O'Farrell
Really liked this book....I am in the process of writing a review of it for the Tesco Books Blog so I will tell you more then :)

"The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake" Aimee Bender
Such an original story about a Californian family, absolutely beautifully written and very moving....would definitely recommend this book, this was my most recent read.

"Salem Falls" Jodi Picoult
I've read most of her books and this wasn't one of my favourites, nevertheless an enjoyable read.

"Gather Together In My Name" Maya Angelou
I love Maya Angelou as a writer, she uses words and language brilliantly and colourfully, this is a short read and is the 2nd ( I believe) in the series of 5 books about her life, highly enjoyable.

"No and Me" Delphine de Vigan
Set in Paris, an original and charming story about a young girl who spends a lot of time alone and the homeless girl she befriends....a lovely book, I really enjoyed it.

"Starter for Ten" David Nicholls
It would probably be impossible to be as good a read as the fabulous "One Day" (also by the same author)but it definitely captured a particular era and reminded me so much of my University days, it's a very entertaining read.

Most of the books above were recommended to me, many of them people who read my blog - thank you!


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