Some Aromaleigh swatches too

And some Aromaleigh swatches.
Ja muutama Aromaleigh swatch vielä.

Pomegranate Pure Rouge (neutral)- a lush fruity color, gorgeous with a tan! Soft shimmer.
Candy-O Rocks! Sonic Rouge-Wicked fuschia!

I bough mini jar of Pomegranate right away and do not regret :D It's one of my favorites!

Ostin suoraan minipurkin Pomegranate-poskipunaa ja onneksi ei kaduta :D Yksi suosikeistani!

Ambre Bete Noire Eyeshadow- Rich deep golden olive brown with highlights of pink.
Sabine Bete Noire eyeshadow- Vivid sparks of violet and pink within a base of richly pigmented smokey copper.
Rockbottom Rocks! Eyes- Deepest darkest sinful brown with dark indigo blue sparks.
Campanula Satin Petals Frost Eyeshadow- A subtly warm brown with coppery and silvery highlights.
Lychee Opulent Lustre- Deeper rose-brown raisin shade that shines!
Soul Takes Flight-
A deep smokey grey/black frosted base with wine undertones, brilliantly offset with sparks of aqua, pink and violet.

I love all of the Bete noires, I dont't understand why it took me this long to order Ambre :-O If you haven't ordered Les papillons yet, soul takes flight is one of the must haves.

Bete noiret ovat Aromaleighin upeimpia sävyjä, ihme etten ole aiemmin Ambrea hankkinut :-O Ja jos et ole Les Papillons-sävyjä vielä tilannut, Soul takes flight on ihan must have.

Zephyr's Breeze: A brilliant warm green, rich with pearls and silver, and sparkles of yellow radiating pink flashes of light.
Glowing Luna:
A pigmented warm green yellow... or yellowish warm green? You choose. Sparks of copper and pink add an ethereal dimension.
Dew Pure Hue: A pale green fine shimmer.
Cielo Pure Eyes Frost Eyeshadow: A pale, soft and shimmering baby blue, heavenly!
Celeste Eye Lustre: Shimmering pearl jade green, mid-tone.
moonagedaydream Rocks!: exquisite deep teal blue with gold shimmer.
Morphing Moon:
My favorite teal shade to date. Smooth and faceted with rich dimension and shimmer, like the scales of a butterfly's wings.

I ordered full sizes of Zephyr's breeze, Glowing Luna and Morphing moon from les Papillons collection. Only samples in this picture are Cielo and Celeste, and Celeste is so pretty... And moonagadaydream is one of my faves too.

Tilasin Les Papillons-sävyistä täysikokoiset myös Zephyr's breezestä, glowing lunasta ja morphing moonista. Ainoat samplet tässä kuvassa ovat cielo ja celeste, celestekin näyttää aivan upealta... moonagadaydream on myös suosikkejani.


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