Sienna Miller Dresses for The New York Jungle

Is it a dress? Or a shiny tablecloth, torn by all the angry New York women whose husbands have been sleeping with Sienna Miller?

Do people actually spend money on such designs? Is this supposed to be Recession Chic, maybe? I could find a better dress in a goodwill shop. Hell, my 5 year-old niece could make a better dress than this.

I will remind you that Sienna Miller is also a "designer" (who isn't, these days?) And what's even worse... She wore this "Jane of the Jungle" cloth at the opening of her Broadway show.

Yeah, seriously.

Nice legs, though.

Note: You know what sucks more than Sienna Miller's dress? -What do you mean "it's not possible?"- Sienna Miller's Broadway show.



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