Sale continues @The She Space!

Oh my... Heather's birthday sale continues until 31 st of October! Just use this page to get ANY full size pigment in just 2.50 dollars. Scorpio Astrology collection will up soon, so you also order those pigments too. Cool :D

I'm also happy to share this information with you:

Hi Sweet Nea!
I make every single single one of the pigments on the site... all of them... because I am obsessed with color and can't be stopped! LOL!!! So, yes, those pigments are all me! Thanks for asking! If you ever see anybody saying that they are not made by me, please let them know that they are. Thanks for asking!!! Have a fabulous week! Heather

I've been her customer for about 1.5 years now and knew it, but I still asked so you can be sure too!

Sorry, this picture is terrible... But I'll post swatches & EOTD's soon.

Ou nou... Heatherin synttäriale jatkuun kuun loppuun! Alen saadakseen täytyy käyttää tätä sivua, kaikki täysikokosiet pigmentit tosiaan 2.50 dollaria kappaleelta. Myös horoskooppikokoelman Scorpio julkaistaan pian ja ehtii vielä aleen. Jee :D

Yllä vielä Heather vastaus kysymykseeni, tekeekö hän kaikki pigmentit itse. Tiesinkin kyllä vastauksen mutta parempi saada vielä suora vastaus :D


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