Progress Report....

Last month I wrote here about "that-back-to-school-ready-for-something-new-feeling....
my children were settled in their new school year and I figured that it was time for me to get started on some new stuff too.

I vowed that I would do TEN things that I had never done before :)

So, without further ado, here is my List Of working on two more ;)
1. Attended a pilates class
It's unlike any class I have done before and I'll be honest and say that I've only been once this month...but I will be going next week.

2. Made my own green pesto and tomato and basil sauces
This might not seem like a big deal but for me it is and, as these are things my children eat a lot, I felt a great sense of achievement.
They were absolutely delicious - and so easy that I cannot believe I haven't done them before!

3. Booked trips to Scotland and Bath
I've always wanted to go to Edinburgh and Bath, I've been through them by train but never stopped off.
I bought a Family and Friends Railcard for the train and shopped around for really good hotel deals - I eventually booked hotels through and will be visiting both in the next couple of months.

Bath....via Sophie at The Littlest Things

4. Became a student! I enrolled in some cookery courses
I'm so excited about this and am now in week 5!!
I have LOVED it!!

The idea for doing the cookery course came about as part of my "PerfectCare project" - I reviewed the fabulous Philips PerfectCare Ironing System recently and decided that the time it saved me on ironing, I would use solely to pursue a new hobby. Cookery seemed the perfect challenge!
It's not that I can't cook but my mother never really cooked and so I am just unsure about where to start.
I love food, am married to a great cook and I just want to be better at it :)

I have started with an Italian Cookery course - which is another post itself - and so far have made: tiramisu, meatballs, my own pasta sauces, pasta with piselle (peas) & pancetta (bacon), minestrone, mushroom risotto, stuffed courgettes.

I can't even tell you how much I have enjoyed it, it's been so much fun being back in a "college" environment and I have already developed a new kitchen confidence!
Tonight I am cooking risotto with chorizo and butternut squash :) 

In November I am also starting a Thai Cooking class and in January, will be doing French Cookery, followed by Indian Cooking...I'm excited!

5. Joined a weekly dance class
I have joined the fabulous Pineapple Dance Studios in London's Covent Garden (somewhere I have always wanted to go) and I have been attending a weekly class now for several weeks and next month I hope to do two classes a week.
I absolutely love it....dancing is just so joyful - and a great workout too!
Pineapple has a great energy, it's a wonderful place to be - I'd go every day if I could!   
My daughter also comes along and does a class too so it's fun for both of us.

....sort of how I feel when I dance....I should really be someone's backing dancer ;)

6. Signed up for my children's Parents Staff Association Committee
I've been a parent class rep before and am lucky that I have the time to get more involved with my children's school....but this year I decided to go all the way and sign up for three years on the committee, gulp!

7. Got up 10 minutes earlier and went to bed 10 earlier every day
My husband gets up very early for work so I'm never going to be the first one up in our house....but I love the idea of a peaceful cup of tea in the kitchen enjoying a little peace and quiet before the morning pre-school madness descends.
I have therefore set my alarm just 10 minutes earlier in the morning in order to beat the rush....and it's helped. Most days anyway ;)
I used to be an early-to-bed-girl but seem to somehow have become a night owl - going to bed just 10 minutes earlier just allows me to think more carefully about my night-time routine.

8. Met another blogger for lunch
Most people who read my blog will know that I am a fan of Lou of the blog Lou, Boos and Shoes fact a lot of people think we are "real life" friends already.
After much chatting, emailing and texting, we met up for lunch last week at her beautiful home....and now we are real life friends!
It's always slightly odd when you know lots about someone but you've never actually met them - but we had lots to talk about and had a wonderful time.

I am, first and foremost, a full time mother so any changes I make in my life right now have to fit in with children's  lives too.

Like a lot of mothers I feel like there are are never enough hours in the day so adding extra things into the mix means even greater organisation and time management.

I've made a conscious effort to do new things this month, I've been in town more, blogged more and have generally been an awful lot busier......
it's been fantastic -
and just the beginning of some really exciting new stuff :)

Happy Wednesday!!


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