Product Review : Philips Robust Collection Food Processor

My plan to do some new activities all began initially when I was approached by Philips to review their fabulous new PerfectCare iron. 
This prompted me to think what I could do with the "ironing time" that I would be saving each week.

I wrote earlier today here about the wonderful new cookery courses that I am taking part in....

The lovely and very generous people at Philips were very keen to support my new plans and so they sent me the MOST FABULOUS gift of a Philips Food Processor!!

My husband works in the catering business so it is fair to say we have a kitchen gadget/appliance or two....but this item absolutely now occupies pride of place in the kitchen.

It's a beauty, part of the Robust Collection - you can read about it on the Philips website here and see more details on Amazon here .....

The technical details are that it has :

 a powerful 1200W machine and clever accessoriesto handle the most demanding ingredients with ease

an innovative kneading hook for up to two kg of heavy dough & double-balloon beater for perfect whisking

three metal discs to slice, grate and julienne plus durable stainless steel chopping knife

extra-wide feeding tube to take large ingredients easily

a five-year product guarantee and 15-year guarantee on the motor

It's solid, extremely easy to use, take apart and change the attachments around - all essentials in my book.

I've never "julienned" anything in my life but I spent this afternoon searching for items in my fridge that I could test out, it's quite fantastic!

It is equipped with :
1 x Balloon beater: For whipping, whisking, mixing, battering and emulsifying

1 x Kneading tool: For kneading, heavy kneading and mixing dough
1 x Stainless steel chopping knife: For chopping, cutting, crumbling, mashing and mincing
1 x Julienne/French fry disk: For julienne strips or French fries
1 x Double-sided shredding disc: For medium and small shredding
1 x Double-sided slicing disc: For medium and small slicing
3 x Inserts/discs

Who needs anything else??!!

My husband is seriously impressed - always a good thing - and so far it is the only kitchen item my daughter has asked if she can have when she leaves home! I think that's pretty good seal of approval :)

A huge thank you to Philips for their generosity and support, it is much appreciated.
I am now so excited to get cooking - and for that, I cannot thank you enough.


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