Preppy American Apparel

When I think American Apparel, I think hipster, lace, and super creepy ads all over TFLN and a few other websites. I have two of their dresses, both different types of their convertible dresses. I have a navy one that has an unfinished edge and then a pencil bottom grey one. Both very cute, and I wear the navy one a lot
This is actually after my senior year over beach week. Very long story short, I only stayed about 40 hours...not for me.
Anyway that's the navy dress tied in the halter-y style. Friday night I wore the grey one (we had colors that we had to wear and mine were grey and blue...Ravenclaw shoutout!) so I decided that I wouldn't be able to wear the dress much longer since it would be too cold. PLUS, I saw a girl at our last home football game wear a garnet one in a different style than I had ever seen. Immediately I wanted to try it! She wore her dress like this:
One shoulder!!
How cute is that? I ended up tying mine a  little higher, but I LOVE this was of doing it. I'm all about the one-shoulder look this season. So cute and a great neckline! I thought this was a very fun look, although my dress is a teeny-bit stretched out around the top, so I could have used 1 little piece of fashion tape. I wanted to pass this look on to anyone who has this dress, I couldn't help myself!



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