My face is so bright, I gotta wear shades...!

NeoStrata reminds me of the lyrics to a great Taylor Swift song "when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time" - of course Kanye would then interrupt me to let you know that La Mer is a far superior product - but I digress...I am happy to introduce a new entry into my "things I love that are orange" list - NeoStrata Intense Skin Brightener
I find NeoStrata to be a highly underrated line, it doesn't have the flashy advertising or packaging of many other lines, but they are obviously saving their money to put in the research, because this line is awesome!   Acne sufferers have known about the Toning Solution for years now, but not a lot of attention has been given to other aspects of the line.  I decided it was time to right this wrong and over the next little while will update you on my latest discoveries starting with this skin brightener.

For starters, the smell is amazing - it's like rubbing fresh squeezed orange juice into your skin - this description of course caused my husband to ask why I don't just save the $72 and do exactly that, but he's an idiot, so I didn't bother answering.  It's a nice light lotion, not as thin as a serum but it absorbed quickly so it would be fine even for oily skin.  You could wear this like a serum with a moisturizer on top for dry skin or combo skins could just slap a sunscreen on top of this and call it a day.  What you really want to know is what does it do?  This is what the website says:
•Improves the uniformity of skin tone by up to 88%¹
•Targets and inhibits discolorations
•Restores a flawless complexion
•Reveals radiant, younger-looking skin
And I can't disagree, my skin looks fresher, brighter and much more evenly toned.  Keep in mind that this brightener has 20% vitamin C which packs much more of a punch then the lesser amounts in other products that claim to do the same thing - the price is a little heftier, but you get what you pay for, right?!  Speaking of the price, keep an eye out for their sets, NeoStrata seems to love to do a package deal.  I actually bought this in a buy one get one free package at Shoppers Drug Mart, who always seem to have different sets.

The downside - it has actually faded most of the freckles on my nose that I finally learned to appreciate - to nonexistence - where the hell was this stuff when I was 13!!!

- Lisamarie -


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