Monday Thoughts....

Busy days, busy weeks....don't know where the time is going....
but right now here's what's going on in my little corner of the world.

made homemade pesto tonight for the first time....delish!

gorgeous October sunshine this morning....blustery October winds tonight.

on Thursday i get to visit a film set for the first time and my daughter gets to interview her favourite author on set. he wrote the book of the film. SO excited!!

smiling this morning as my 6 yr old informed me that he had made his bed so i wouldn't have anything to do today! if only ;)

having dance lessons with my daughter yesterday. dancing is such joyful thing isn't it, i love it.

making travel plans....and somehow being able to go on three trips instead of two by finding some really great deals. woo hoo!

enjoying the scent of the huge platter of satsumas on my kitchen table....
it's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas :)

counting the days til one of my best friends comes back from New Zealand, she's been away sooooo long. i need her :)

My friend Kim is a fabulous photographer....and getting better by the day it would seem.

She recently travelled to France to participate in a food styling and photography course led by the wonderful food writer/photographer Aran from Cannelle-Vanille.

Kim's photos are absolutely stunning, you can see them here ....they are too lovely not to share!

If you have never yearned to travel to France and eat good surely will after seeing Kim's work :)

Happy Monday!!


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