Mineral Power

I've been converted to a Bare Minerals user.

I'm sure you all can remember when I had my acne issues over the summer and started using Clinique Acne Solutions. When I arrived at school, it was MUCH too heavy and I was sweating it all off under my sunglasses and around my hairline. I consulted friends about what to switch to and no one had any great suggestions.

I used to use Bare Minerals when I was like a junior in high school but it was so messy at the time and had a really weird scent that I stopped using it. I remember one year literally ALL of my friends got the starter kit for Christmas and we all compared our shades and what eye shadows we all had! So funny, I remember like it was just yesterday! 

Anyway, I went to the Bare Minerals store here in Columbia and had a real consultation and had the wonderful lady help match my skin tone and make recommendations for me and my situation about two months ago, right when school started. She was so nice and not pushy at all which I found very refreshing for a makeup store! We settled on a color, added it to the new and improved kit and then I got a fun shimmer for going out and the Bare Minerals version of blush. She LOADED me up with freebies including eye liner, eye shadow and lip gloss, all FULL SIZED, not just the teeny tiny free sample sizes. 

I had a great experience with it and I'm still using the kit I got. I really like the way it feels on and find that sometimes, even the "Mineral Veil" tends to cool my skin. I haven't been broken out from it and I find that it has great coverage for when I need it!

Does anyone else use Bare Minerals? Do you swear by a certain makeup? Is there any part of the product line that I just HAVE to try? (Product line...I have a marketing test tomorrow...can you tell?)



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