MAC - Magic, Mirth & Mischief - with so much aliteration, you would think it would be great!

Is it just me or does anyone else find the packaging of Mac's holiday offerings this year a little bit, I don't know, cheap?  Maybe uninspired is a better word?  All I know is that I am not the tiniest bit wowed.  Believe me, I wanted to love it - I always look forward to the holiday collection and usually buy far too much of it.  In the past it's been so cool and different and luxe...and this year we get silver squares with dots painted on them.  Not impressed Mac, so not impressed.  So if you like the colours inside (and I didn't find any of the combos special enough to bother buying for that reason), then go ahead and buy because they are still a good deal in that regard, but if you are a packaging whore like me and look forward to them for their awesome cases, then  prepare to be disappointed...

- Lisamarie -


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