LBP in a Halloween Costume...

This costume is featured at WalMart and I think I need to have it. If you look at the shape, it's pretty much a cupcake shift dress...I think it has my name written ALL OVER IT. I am absolutely in love with this costume, as long as it's long enough! I would be more than happy to wear this out to a party or out with my friends on the big day. Since Halloween is pretty much a 3-night event, I'll have lots of opportunities to choose different costumes.

I know College Prepster has some awesome costume ideas, but how about you all? Last year I went as Elle Woods one night and Vanna White (she's from SC--yay!) for another! My goal was not to spend anything on my costumes since I was living on campus, and I was very successful! Any ideas about what you wanna be?



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