Komen Race for the Cure: Lowcountry

Today is the day!!

The Komen Race for the Cure is one of my favorite philanthropy events that comes around every year! Since 3rd grade I've been participating on and off with the different Race for the Cure's and this year marks my 8th! 

This is the first time I'm participating with the wonderful state of South Carolina!! The race is on Daniel Island and is with the Lowcountry Affiliate of the Komen Race for the Cure! (Funny typo, I keep typing "Race for the Cute" haha!)

This is the Family Circle Tennis Center during last year's Race for the Cure! Kinda cool, but I'm not super familiar with Charleston other than Daniel Island. It's where my summer internship was based out of and luckily I know my way around well! I was so excited to see when I signed up that it was on DI, because I know exactly how to get there and where to park!

I'm currently logged into my account checking out the entire day's worth of activities, and I can't wait! By the time most of y'all will be reading this, my event will be over! What a wonderful day I have ahead of me!!

I'm sending out a HUGE thanks to anyone and everyone participating in this wonderful race regionally and in the Lowcountry!!!



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