Kappa Alpha Order, Commonwealth Birding, and Let's Be Preppy!

A few weeks ago, Brian over at Commonwealth Birding asked me if I wanted to come out to do a hunt in Richmond. Not only was I geographically unable to attend, but if you were to put this girl on a hunting trip with zero experience, I don't even know what could go wrong. I've always wanted to go clay shooting, but I could never just hop out there to go hunt quail like they do over at CB without any practice. Instead, I suggested that I do a product review and send some guy friends who go to University of Richmond in my place. Jack, a high school classmate of mine is a brother of Kappa Alpha Order, and I thought he might be interested. Jack and I are the two on the end in this picture, all of us are attending my friend Caroline's debutant ball function (I feel like this was a million years ago)...super awkward Katie.
Lucky for me, Jack and a few of his brothers were interested and after talking and exchanging number and names with Brian, the guys at CB were happy to host the KA's in my place! From the looks of all the facebook photos, it seems like they had a wonderful time! 

If anyone lives in the Richmond area with a hankering to hunt quail now that the season is open (thank you email subscription to Garden & Gun Magazine for informing me of that) definitely drop Brian a line. If you just like the little quail logo, they have a bunch of apparel you can buy online. I was sent croakies and a dog collar and both will definitely be used. A few friends of mine here actually have pets that live with them, and I want to find someone who has the initials CB to give it to! It's great that they have a few products beyond just croakies and hats, especially because of hunting, because it gives CB a different market than the usual preppy brands.
I want to extend a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Brian and all his co-workers for hosting Jack and the other KA brothers. I'm so glad that we were all able to work together for a great day!



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