Hot Pick: Ophelie Hats

I discovered "Ophelie Hats" last year at the Toronto Clothing Show. She's a talented young lady from Quebec who regularly features in magazines such as Loulou. I've always loved retro, 50's style hats and headbands because they look so glamorous. Ophelie uses tulle, feathers and lace to create original headgear. Her website used to be for wholesale only but it's now open to retail customers. Woohoo!

I've got to say her website pictures don't do her creations justice. I own a couple of her handcrafted designs and let me tell you, they are show-stoppers, without being over the top. Don't let the price deter you, it's not crap made in China, everything is hand made. So why are you still standing here? Just go, order yourself some goodies.



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