Home Sweet Home

In a few measly hours, I will be back to the place I love. Naptown, ANA, ANP, the 410, whatever you call it, I'm headed home to see my family, maybe some friends, a Navy football game (although it will be tough to watch anything after this weekend's performance), and one of the best cities in the world.

80, 250 > 34, 000 (sorry Dad)

Oh Crab, how I've missed you!

I have a beyond awful logic test (only one of two tests for the entire semester...the other one's a final...) that I have to surmount before I leave and a community health lecture to sit through, but my goodness I'll do anything! By the time I land in MD, I will have been out of my house for just over 3 months! I think it's the longest I've ever gone without being in my own house...weird. I'm so excited to sleep in my bed, hang out with my sister and get to catch up with my parents!



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