Garden & Gun Magazine

Garden and Gun, "The Soul of the South" has arrived in my mailbox! My roommates were reacting funny to my subscription arriving, but I guess they'd never seen mine! I figured if they had never seen my previous ones, I may not have posted about it either! I got my subscription a few months ago on a steals and deals website and got my entire year for $3.50! Couldn't believe it! As soon as I saw the deal, I scooped it up not exactly sure when I was going to get it!
This issue just arrived in my mailbox and I couldn't be more excited to peruse it leisurely! Just the front cover looks so yummy!

I also subscribe to the email service! MANY of my emails get deleted or sent to spam, but my G&G emails are always always always read beginning to end! I often even click into the real site to read full articles or check out the entire photo albums.

Any other subscribers out there? I'm a HUGE fan!



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