Fabulous Friday....

I've had such a fabulous day today,
it was truly one of those days you want to hold on to,
one of those times that you know deep deep down that your life is good and precious and special.....
a happy happy day.

I spent the day in town with my good friend M, shopping at London's Borough Market,
a mecca and pure heaven for foodies....

It's wasn't so much that I am a foodie or where we were or that the sun was shining -
it was one of those days where everything just seems so right.
One of those days when you need a "pause" button.

The market experience is a post for next week....
but there must be something about being surrounded by such delicious-ness that does something magical to you...
....it was true bliss for the senses, all five of them :)

We browsed, shopped, drank coffee and tasted food treats galore,
it's seriously the best market I've ever visited.

We then bought lunch and sat next to the River Thames looking across at St Paul's Cathedral in the most glorious sunshine for about two hours....
it was sheer bliss.
One of those warm and sunny days that comes as a surprise and a bonus and for that reason you enjoy it all the more.

Friends, food, great coffee, free time and London = perfection.

Happy Friday!!

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