Even better than what? - that's what I want to know...

It is such a rare occasion that I actually finish something that I thought it was worth a post.  Meet my former friend - Clinique Even Better Makeup.  I don't mean anything bad when I call it my "former" friend - it's like that girl you hung out with during your third period spare in high school because none of your friends had the same spare.  You liked her well enough, maybe you even went to the mall or to the movies on the occasional Saturday, but once high school was over, you never saw her again.  Maybe she friended you on Facebook 10 years later, and then you had to look at pictures of her neanderthal husband and truly fugly offspring on her page but all in all, she has no relevance in your present day life... I have totally lost my train of thought here, oh wait, Clinique foundation, right.  So anyhow, my point, and I actually do have one, is I liked it fine - but I won't buy it again. 
Other then the obvious reason that I rarely repurchase anything other then my holy grails (there is always something newer, better and shinier coming out!) is that I did have a few issues with it.  First and foremost, I bought it for the evening and lightening claims that were made for it: "Without any makeup, see improved clarity, a more even skin tone, visibly diminished age spots. "  Who wouldn't love that?  But nope, didn't happen.  I also found that it would sometimes settle into the pores on my nose giving me less then adorable tiny, white freckles.  I know you are asking yourselves "If it sucked that much, why oh why would you finish the whole bottle, Lisamarie?!"  Suck is a strong word - I wouldn't say it sucked, just didn't live up to its claims.  Basically I finished it because it was a perfectly adequate, light, summer makeup and also I wanted it to have it's maximum chance to do all the things it said it would.  There is nothing I hate more then reading a review of a product that the reviewer only tried a couple of times or maybe for a week - what can you know from that?  Unless you are going to write a follow up, it's pretty much useless.  So there you go ladies - I came, I saw, I gave it the good old college try but I'm going to have to give this one a 'meh'.
- Lisamarie -


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