PRODUCT REVIEW: Chi Chi Solarium In A Bottle

Chi Chi Solarium In A Bottle ($19.95AUD) ½ star
About: rub-on deep body bronzer that rinses off with water and soap. Packaged in a clear plastic bottle with silver twist lid.
Review: If you are looking for a quick fix body bronzer then Solarium in a Bottle is an option to consider - but not my product of choice. While this is a good alternative to sunbaking or solariums, it is only a temporary wash-off product that is filled with cheap and nasty ingredients including parabens, phenoxyethanol, tocopheryl acetate and triethanolomine. I do not trust any of the abovementioned and therefore choose not to put this on my skin. For this reason, I have lost faith in the brand. While it contains Vitamins A, E and Shea Butter these ingredients do not make up for the toxic and harmful ingredients infused in the formula.
The formula gives a bronzed brown finish that is streaky and requires careful, precise application in order to look as natural as possible but I feel dirty when wearing it because I know it is a wash-off product and the product does transfer on to clothing and stains, which was really disappointing. The scent is too strong for my liking and artificial - smells like hot chocolate which I love, but because I do not like the product, I find the scent off-putting. Sadly, the brand as a whole has really disappointed me. It is cheap and appears tacky.
Purchased: Yes.


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