PRODUCT REVIEW: Chanel Base Lumiere Primer Base

Chanel Base Lumiere Lotus - 30ml/1oz
Chanel Base Lumiere Primer Base - discontinued ($69.00AUD) ★★★★
Product type: liquid primer designed to help makeup last longer and stay looking fresh. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with twist lid. Suitable for all skin types.
Although thisis Chanel, Base Lumiere is a little overpriced for a primer. Sure, Base Lumiere works to hold the base for hours on end keeps skin looking smooth, but after working with the product on counter on a day to day basis I can honestly tell you that Base Lumiere it is no better than many less expensive alternatives out there. I do however like the consistency of the formula and the way it blends into the skin with ease, making makeup application a lot easier.
Purchased: No.


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